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Claire van den Berg

Address: Woubruggestraat 39H, 1059VP Amsterdam


Tel: +31 683900082

Work Experience

Self-employed: Les Plus Belles (Netherlands & Germany)

Position:      Freelance writer, journalist and editor
Tasks:         A variety of Dutch, British, American, German, Belgian, Swedish and                  Italian magazines and online creative platforms such as Glamcult,                    VICE, PUPMAG, CODE, Creem, DASH, Société Perrier, PRESTAGE, The WILD,                I Love Fake, Dossier, WONDERLAND, Vestoj, J People, A-Mag, Second                    Sight, Mimik, Vestoj, Rhapsody, Mach1, United Airlines’ inflight                      magazine, Iloveitso, Style Indicator, De Andere Krant, The Gay Issue,                Cafe Weltschmerz and 2DM.
Time period:   October 2011- present

Self-employed: Les Plus Belles (Netherlands & Germany)

Position:      Copywriter, scriptwriter, editor and translator

Activities:    The writing, editing and translation of press releases, short (film)                  scripts, profiles, newsletters, biographies, brochures and other                      communiqués commissioned by advertisement agencies, cross media                      companies, animation studios, TV and film production studios, artists,                cultural event agencies, boutiques, brands, as well as a plethora of                  other companies. 

Clients:       Beatport, In60seconds, Tommy Hilfiger, Uitmarkt, I Amsterdam                          Marketing, 24H Noord, Zandvoort Live!, Wim Hof, The                                  Iceman, Innerfire,Simon Lévelt, Cloud Nine, Caladan,                                  Fisheye, American Cookies, Tauw, Artez, Daniel Jacques, The School of                Life, YourLab, Brandstof, Awakenings,  Style and Stories, Wenneker,                  Zaza Bertrand, Odessa Ship, RCLM, Basil, Het Vertaalcollectief,                      Brandfighters, Transperfect Translations, PME Legend,,                      HTNK, Mach1, BESIX, XLS-Medical, Workero, EdenFrost, 87seconds, 24H                  Noord, Het Vertaalcollectief, Style and Stories, the AIDS Conference,                PAX, the Municipality of Amsterdam (=Gemeente van                                    Amsterdam), Submarine, Jaswig, Cuba Travel Network, Batavia                          Stad, HTNK, Video Content Agency, Healthy People, Furnuft, Galleo,                    Capitalizr, LTO.Network, Saville, Relesys, Mr. Fox Agency, Douwe                      Egberts, Autoriteit voor Consument & Markt (ACM), Krauwt, Ten Cate,                  Stefanie Productions, Van Moof, Woonhome, Etoffe Unique, Evert Groot,                Spinning Closet, Architectuur Tour, Marine Steward Ship Council,                      Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur & Wetenschap (OCW), Gulden Bodem,                  Douwe Egberts, Lampone Projects, Huis van alle Talen, Openbare                        Bibliotheek Amsterdam(OBA),, The Video Content Agency, Scotch                & Soda, De Andere Krant, AWS Restart, BOLT Amsterdam, Studio                          Anneloes, Zirkonia, Café Weltschmerz, Ingenico, and                    Boom Chicago, Metabolic, Collabburo, TerraWatt, NISP,                                Leafteasers, EMQ, Entre Les Lignes, Expedia, Frankly Fluent, The Gay                  Issue and Bravoure. 

Time period:   October 2011- present

Employer:      Trendwolves (Belgium)

Position:      Writer, translator and editor

Tasks:         For trend forecasting agency Trendwolves, I translated and co-wrote                  several books:

               1) an overview book dubbed Bright Underground, centered on                            developments in the field of fashion, art, graphic design,                            photography and other cultural outpourings;

               2) the publication Art in Electricity premised on youth’s culture’s                  tight alliance with electronic music;

               3) a booklet named JAZZ which holds jazz culture at focal point;

               4) Browsing the Margins, a heavyweight book dedicated to underground                  subcultures.

               On the side, I regularly wrote, translated and edited                                documents covering multifarious topics. 

Time period:   April 2014- January 2018

Employer:      Impact Hub Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Position:      Copywriter & support in communications

Activities:    As a support in communications, I was responsible for pretty much all                communication that landed on the website, from stories about (new)                    members to the offering in programs, events and other noteworthy news                affairs. In practice this meant a lot of writing, editing                            and scheduling. 

Time Period:   February 2014- August 2014


Employer:      Science of the Time (Netherlands)

Position:      Editor-in-chief, writer and trend researcher

Activities:    On behalf of this cultural research agency, I edited, analysed and                    reported on various cultural-sociological trends. Mostly though, I                    facilitated lectures on the art of Coolhunting for universities in                    Milan, Shanghai and Paris, among others. 
Time period:   May 2012-May 2015


Employer:      PRESTAGE Magazine (Netherlands)

Position:      Final text editor and writer

Activities:    Working freelance as an editor-in-chief for PRESTAGE magazine, implied                having a minute eye for any possible linguistic or stylistic errors.                  In addition, I occasionally executed interviews with influential                      designers and other tastemakers in the Dutch creative industries.                    It caters to a worldwide audience. 
Time period:   July 2012- April 2014


Employer:      Conijn Film, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Position:      Internship in support of documentary filmmaker Wout Conijn
Tasks:         Supportive in virtually all areas, but mainly in the domain of

               public relations.
Time period:   September 2009- February 2010

Employer:      Several Employees, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Position:      A potpourri of functions 
Time period:   October 2001- December 2010
Note:          During my scholarly years I had several jobs, from animator to club

               employee in nightclubs (respectively Mazzo and Studio 80), to    

               working as an assistant at a children's daycare. 











2010 - present

2010 - present


Faculty:       VU University, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Course:        Master in Design Cultures     
Time period:   2010-2011

Faculty:       University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Course:        Pre-master Film Studies
Time period:   2008 - 2009

Faculty:       University of Humanistics, Utrecht (Netherlands)
Course:        Bachelor in Humanistics
Time period:   2003 - 2008

Faculty:       Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI), Amsterdam  (Netherlands)
Course:        Bachelor International Fashion Management (not completed)
Time period:   2001 - 2003

Faculty:       Maerlant Lyceum, The Hague (Netherlands)
Course:        Pre-university Education
Time period:   1994 - 2000


Freelance Magazine Writing, Magazine Writer's Academy, Oslo (Norway)

Writing A Children's Book, NHBO, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Fiction Writing, Editio, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Creative Writing, Schrijfcursus Amsterdam, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Screenplay Writing, Open Studio, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Direction, Camera and Montage, Open Studio, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Creative Re-orientation Course, Independent School, Driebergen (Netherlands)

Acting Class at Crea, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Acting Class at Trap, Amsterdam (Netherlands)


YourLab Full Edition & Master Edition at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Presentation Course, Intrinsically You, Cothen (Netherlands)

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